DAB Support Made just for you.
At DAB the whole team works to develop their projects, combining capacity and technology.
The set of services that support our solutions, enable us to solve the needs of the Companies through specific developments, contributing to the organization and total satisfaction of our Clients. Our SIT (IT Support) professionals span all areas, from the foundation of the network infrastructure to the cloud.
We offer an experienced and multidisciplinary team, capable of acting effectively in the implementation, management and diagnosis of your company's problems in the various transversal areas of IT.
Our highly specialized technical support and maintenance services prioritize global monitoring and preventive system update interventions. They apply the necessary correction and still respond to contingency situations, providing Clients with a service of proximity and security, through uninterrupted services of maintenance of operation and monitoring of the support infrastructure.
Our services are designed to allow you to customize each project according to your specific needs.
General IT Service Agreement;
Monitoring and / or preventive services;
Operation, monitoring and alarm services;
Preventive maintenance and reactive support services, with hourly coverage of 8x5, 24x7 or other to be agreed;
Infrastructure services housed in the company's datacenter, on customer premises or elsewhere.
Minimum availability service (SMD) contracted with "Time package" and where requested interventions are subject to a time accounting that will be recorded in the support DAB tool.
Occasional services, for specific and sporadic needs of our Customers and partners.
All the requests of our Clients are registered in a unique tool - My DAB, created for the absolute control of the projects in progress and also to facilitate the contact.